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We're up and running again!!!

Written for: 40_loves

Title: We’re Human
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (Game canon)
Characters: Reno, Elena, Rude
Claim: RenoxElena (pairing)
Prompt: 10.Moon
Word Count: 560
Rating: R (Reno’s Mouth)

10.MoonCollapse )

Title: We’re Not Failures.
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (Game canon)
Characters: Reno, Elena, Cloud, Tifa,
Claim: RenoxElena (pairing)
Prompt: 31.Words
Word Count: 1010
Rating: R (Bad words, Light violence)
Authoress Note: Little note to the AC fandom folks that never played FFVII.
The Turks were the bad guys once. Elena’s POV is in italic.

31.WordsCollapse )

Title: He’s Just That Way
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Reno, Elena,
Claim: RenoxElena (pairing)
Prompt: 03.Touch
Word Count: 128
Rating: N17 (Sex talk, Bad words)

03.TouchCollapse )

Title: Office Love
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (Game canon)
Characters: Reno, Elena, talks of Tseng and Rude
Claim: RenoxElena (pairing)
Prompt: 07.Sex
Word Count: 815
Rating: N17 (Smut, Bad words)

07.SexCollapse )
Hey everyone, check out my club!

Hello Relena fans! I joined this fanlisting because it would be a shame if I didn't: I have a Reno/Elena fanlisting and shrine :). I have many reads about them in my site that I hope you'll like. Also, I may ask you to add your fan creations at my site, be aware!

See ya, Nancy
I'm a Relena nut! @.@ I cosplayed Elena as part of the Turks not so long ago, then started dating the guy who cosplayed Reno XD! I have been obsessed ever since. Im lucky coz I didnt have to dye his hair red, he'd already done it for me! ^_^ YAY! Ok, so thats my little story. In tribute to my guy I've decided to try and write fanfics. @.@ I have descended into ultimate geekdom! Pls try to support my fanfics even if they sux. Which they more then likely will ^_^" Constructive critisism is also very very welcome! I'll try to find pics of my numerous cosplays too if anyones interested. Were quite convincing if I do say so myself ^.^" So, YAY RELENA!!! (not that cow from GW, she can go to hell >.<)
OMG, i just found this. Reno/Elena is like my MXF OTP.
I'll bring fics and art soon.
Hey everyone!

I am an Elena cosplayer and incredibly obsessed with the Reno/Elena pairing. (I swear when I get myself a boy, I am dying his hair bright red, whether he likes it or not. XD)

I wrote a one chapter fic a few months ago last time I was on my Relena high, and am in the process of writing a multi-chapter one! Cosplaying inspires me to write for some reason. o_O;

Anyway, here are the 2 links to the finished one and the first chapter of my soon-to-be multi-chapter one!

Just Like Honey

No Prince Charming

Thanks guys! ^_^
Feedback is very welcome!

Look at this! Our dearest _sentient_ found this wonderful site. It's in Japanese though but it's full of oekakis by the owner. Most of which are sketchy but very good.

Linku linku!
Hello, everyone. I bring to you...a sketch of what I'm working on.

Colors of the Heart +WIP+

Since I've disabled comments there, just comment here.
Hello members! This is one of your friendly mods, ruins_of_sodom! I figured, to encourage activity, it was best to introduce ourselves. So allow me to start.

My name is Julian but my pen name is The Winter Cynic. I write and I draw and I'm a very avid fan of Final Fantasy 7. My very first RP was using Reno at a Greatest Journal RP founded by smam, laurasue and their friends. Since then, I've been a very big supporter of him, but only recently have I come to love Reno x Elena.

I hope to meet more supporters of this pairing. If there are any questions or any concerns you'd like to address, please please please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.