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Welcome to the ReLena FanClub


It is common fact that Elena entered the ranks of the TURKs after Reno encountered an accident. She was a "rookie", rather serious about her work and without doubt dedicated to Rufus Shin-Ra. She had all the qualifications that made her a good employee--- a counter turn when you look at Reno.

Why Reno? Surrounded by four men, Rufus included, why do we think Reno suits Elena? Before we list the reasons, let us take into consideration the probable instances that involve a group with one woman. First, the males around her will fill in different roles. First of which would be the Brother Figure/ Good Friend, the second would be the Silent Admirer, the third would be the The Idol/ Admired and the last would be the Love Interest (these are merely theoretical and must not be seen as an embossed fact). If you are familiar with Fushigi Yuugi, the same phenomenon was observed (note: please do not compare Elena and Miaka, it's just not possible. Elena is far too elegant to be in-league with her). With this, allow me then to fill in the roles:

[x]Brother Figure/ Good Friend : Reno
[x]Silent Admirer: Rude
[x]The Idol/ Admired: Rufus
[x]Love Interest: Tseng

As noted in Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, Tseng and Elena have gotten closer with each other, and a lot of fans actually attest that Tseng and Elena are more or less seen as canon. But, we would like to contest something over that matter. As much as Elena would want to earn Tseng's affection, as the Wutainese seem to have all the traits of a proper gentleman, could not her affection towards him be identified as "hero worship"? Elena has always been a proper Turk and she has her own ideals of how a Turk should act. Tseng seems to exude all those ideals. Is it not possible that Tseng is merely her ideal, and not her love interest?

Reno, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of Tseng. He is seen as unprofessional and serious throughout the game and he seems to be slacking most of the time. But we can only speculate as to why SquareSoft actually portrayed him as such. There must be a reason why he is kept by Rufus' side next to his seemingly being unreliable. And we should take note that he is like a Good Friend to Elena. When she was kidnapped in Wutai by Don Corneo, we have taken note of the seriousness in Reno. He was using all his wits to save her without revealing his emotion. That fact, perhaps, is innate to Reno when one of his loved ones are in danger and a fact to point out to further solidify our claim.
Reno, in our eyes, is not the sloppy, uneducated, uncouth individual people seem to portray him to be. To us, there is more to Reno than just that; he has the depth of character and wisdom which he rarely shows. And perhaps he has his own reason why he rarely shows that side of him.


.: Elena's first appearance in the Mythril Caves

After the incident in Sector 7, it is widely known that Reno got hurt. Elena had to replace him on field work. Logically speaking, I don't think Reno would give his job over someone he doesn't trust. More importantly, if Elena was given the slot to replace Reno, I think Reno himself recommended Elena for the job. Point discussed, it is safe to conclude that Reno actually trusts Elena.

.: Gongaga Conversations

In the game, you'll bump into the Turks here. First you'll find Reno and Rude talking about who they liked. Apparently Rude answers Tifa, but has anyone ever took note that Reno never answered his own question? There are two possibilities for this. One is that the person he likes is close by and he's trying to hint at that person; Two is that he's trying to catch someone's attention.

Of course Elena gets miffed by the fact that they're always talking about who they liked and launched into her "Tseng's different" dialogue. I would like to take note that she seems to be rather defensive here. She was angry and walked away before Reno could even speak. An indication that she might like Reno, even just a bit. Although that "Tseng's different" dialogue may seem misleading, it sounds as if she's always praising him like a fan would an idol. This here confirms how much Elena idolizes Tseng.

.: Wutai Episode

Now, this is the part where you can see the more sophisticated and serious side of Reno. What brings it to action? Elena kidnapped. Well, yes. That's quite obvious. He was, unlike the rest of the parts of the game, serious. I don't think I should expound. His seriousness speaks for itself.

.: What about the Temple of the Ancients and Icicle Inn episode?

You might want to ask: But Tseng said, "Let's have dinner after this" to Elena when he asked her to leave without him to tell HQ back in ToA!! My defense to this is the fact that Tseng, as much as I know about him, is quite genial. Besides, he didn't want to worry the girl. Talking of dinner and dates doesn't really mean that they're together in a romantic manner. To my knowledge, Tseng is like the resident older brother among the four of them which will clearly explain the fact that Elena looks up to him. Again, hero worship and not love.

How about the Icicle Inn incident when Elena gets hell pissed? Let's look at it this way, if someone you cared about and considered important to you gets beaten and arrives in critical condition after assuring you he'd be all right what would be your initial reaction? Instinctively we are driven by our emotions to irrationally retrieve and process information in such a manner that would be similar to a slot machine. We lash out our anger at the odd slot that won't give us our jackpot prize. That would be Cloud to Elena. Because she was hell worried and she was looking forward to be reunited with Tseng and be with her Turk family again. Elena, you see, is like a little girl who's trying to keep her family intact. She's full of ideals and so she acted that way she did.

.: Basically, that's what the mods see in that pairing. And to give justice to them, we made this Fan club solely for the couple that looks so right in many angles. The possibility of the two of them being a real pair is higher than Tseng and Elena for the fact that Elena would most likely prefer someone that she could protect and see as an equal. No real love springs from hero worship, only ideals. Or at least, that's what we believe.


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